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LOCC Committee

Your Executive Committee for Season 2024/25 and a bit about us!


Darren "Buster" Bates


Buster's primary responsibility is ensuring the club sets and meets its goals and objectives for the upcoming season. Darren has been leading this great club since the 2016/17 season and is always available to have a chat with players, sponsors, coaches, captains and the wider LOCC community.

He is a supportive leader, dedicated to improving junior and senior players alike. Darren works hard to ensure the current and future health of the club is continually reaching high levels. He strives to ensure relationships within the club are maintained and nurtured all year round.

Questions for Buster:

What is your best childhood memory of playing cricket:
When I was around 14, I played in my grand final in the morning scoring 100, then played with my old man that afternoon in his grand final in Singleton.

Who is your favourite cricketer and why:
Alisha Bates.
Also Eugene Simpson, he is a marvel of our cricket club.

What is your most memorable match and why:
A game against Narara at Gavenlock Oval. Rodney Wherle hit a six off the last ball to win the game. We ran on the field like we won an Olympic old medal. That’s not the reason it was the most memorable though. It was the funniest game ever - Josh Platt opened the bowling, we had a guest appearance from Todd Batchelor, Moose was bowling left arm orthodox and took 3fa; Dave Coelli took 10 minutes to bowl the last over of the day, and took a took wicket in it. Lots of team talk in that last over - not exactly sledging, but definitely stirring up the batters. We had two Lisarow umpires John Davison and Elisabeth Houston. That game there was some of the funniest dressing room banter I’ve ever heard.

What is your favourite sports quote:
Effort on effort.

What do you love about the Magpie Family:
From the Simpsons in the canteen - to Deavesy on the roller doing the wicket - to some of the funniest men I’ve ever played cricket with. Andrew Littlefield, Jimmy Holt and Mitch McBeath just to name a few. Passionate people like Mark Royston putting the club first and for all the great people that have donned the black and white.

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